Monday, July 25, 2016

Out of Whack

On May 30th, I wrote about an instance where a Cardiac Rhythm was misinterpreted by an EKG machine, and then also, a variety of healthcare workers.
Well, it happened again, in a very similar way.

Admitted late
Ten o'clock at night,
Misinterpreted heart rhythm
Oh, what a fright,
The Cardiologist nailed it
The next day, what I'm saying,
An Atrial tachycardia
With 2:1 playing.

All nurses
Called it Sinus Tach,
But they were totally
Out of whack,
This guy
With chronic Atrial Fib,
To have Sinus Tach
Doth tickle a rib,
And a regular fixed rate
Right around one-twenty,
Screams A. Tach with block
Good and plenty.

When it finally became irregular
The nurse called it A.Fib,
Then phoned the doctor
To tickle his rib,
I proposed it was never
Not ever Sinus tach,
Whatever you were calling it
Was totally whack.

Finally, on day three
After adding beta blocker,
His rate slowed down
Atrial flutter, no shocker,
Looking exactly
Like his rhythm, 3 months back,
Had they looked at that EKG
No one would call it, Sinus Tach.

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