Saturday, June 25, 2016

Skin Wager

I am a little apprehensive
Regarding my next trip,
To the Skin Doctor, because
They want me to strip,
To thoroughly examine
My skin, from head to toe,
Having previously looked
From the waist up, you know.

I must remove all my clothing
And wear some temporary covering,
While an Intern and Resident
And the Professor are hovering,
Just outside of the room
And checking their pagers,
In total anticipation
Of their most recent wagers,
Regarding the statistical totality
Of my northern pale skin,
I am sorry to say
'Tis the one I was born in.

So far, I've been fortunate
Nothing to worry about, beyond reason,
But I gotta tell you, those Doctors
Get a kick, with all their freezin',
Of any little thing
That looks remotely suspicious,
Kind of like a barbecue Chef
Where every kind of meat looks delicious.

I will walk out of that office
Having suffered over-exposure,
In conclusion, I hope
With a sense of contemplative closure,
Most likely, to return again
A yearly visit, I suspect,
And Dr. K will admonish:
Wear sunscreen and protect.

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