Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hat Trick

It makes me squirma when I think of Derma!

Dr. K, told me
"Put a lid on it dude",
Regarding my bald head
She wasn't being rude,
And keep the sunscreen near
Like a secret affair,
Your head is too exposed
Without any hair.

Dr. K. appears
Predisposed, to do good,
Protect the Derma of life
Just like we all should,
Residing in the tropics
Fair-skinned Europeans,
Not to be confused with
Northern Koreans.

Sure, that made no sense
This topic is skin deep,
While trying to rhyme it
I know I've lost sleep,
But the takeaway message
Is, protect at all cost,
Or with each visit to Dr. K.
You'll buy some Nitrogen frost.

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