Thursday, February 04, 2016

Job Fight

I applied for a job..........and they are fighting to keep me.

Sure, I'm angry
Listen, why not?
They say I can't leave
Cuz I'm too hot,
The guy who solves
The toughest of tests,
I can't help it
They think I'm the best.

Really, I'm not
I have limitations,
I have a ringing sound
In my eustachians,
It is always there
It might make me crazy,
But they know my secret
I'm not lazy.

I work harder than most
That's just what I do,
I can't help it
If I'm better than you,
I busted my brain
To get where I'm at,
I'm a non-meatarian
Without any fat.

I'm older than most
Of the other Nurses,
Which means I've endured
The brunt of all curses,
Levelled and fired
Bad aim or lucky,
Why I'm still standing?
Ask the Donners in Truckee.

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