Monday, February 22, 2016

Happiness is............

A new position, returning to a prior hospital. This seems to be repetitive theme in my life, where I work at certain hospitals a couple of times, on different occasions, with a different job description. If you had a look at my career resume, you'd see what I mean.

Anyway, I just finished the final night of my current job, before I begin the new job in two days. I'm leaving the old job because of the way the Unit is managed, and how it is perpetually understaffed, during the final 6 hours of the day. In general, it has become too stressful to me, and I find myself angry every day that I work. So, why should I think that my last day at work, should be a walk in the Rose Garden? Well, I'm not that stupid, and sure enough, the during the final 5 hours, I experienced a major lashing.

Last night at work
And I was abused,
Visitors and family
Shoulda been excused,
Instead, they attacked
With vim and with vigor,
Almost blew my cool
And pulled the trigger.

Betty Lou had
A rabid relation,
Standing up for her
Like a Nazi invasion,
Attacking whoever
Entered their space,
Demanding name, rank and number
From every new face.

Rabid Roxanne
Said her name was Suzi,
She spoke to everyone
Like she was shooting an Uzi,
As if every each one of us
Was in some Cabal,
With verbal vehemence
She was begging a brawl.

Then there was Margaret
She fell yesterday morning,
Perhaps, it was an omen
A heart attack warning,
That prompted Emergency
To send her to us,
A Cardiac Alert
Creates a lot of fuss.

Her family was hungry
Exhausted and tired,
Fourth time for a bedpan
When my minutes expired,
And I had to settle Buster
After a general anesthetic,
The son went berserk
Saying, "Your bedside manner is pathetic".

He was ranting and raving
As I walked away,
After Rabid Roxanne
He might just "make my day",
As I pondered my inner
Dirty Harry, impression,
It's my last night at work
What's with all this aggression?

Finally, Betty Lou went home
And Margaret, got a bed,
And I went home to Merlot
To settle my head.


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