Friday, February 26, 2016


Addressed to the youngsters and new Nurses out there, trying to fit into the battlefield of your fresh, and exciting career. Understand, that bullying happens at all spectrums, not just at the beginning. Bullying and Hazing are the power plays perpetrated by persons who feel weak and threatened. If it is too aggressive and persistent, then be a whistle-blower. Otherwise, you can do your best, to be the best, and those suckers will be trampled and wasted.

Please don't be offended
If I offend,
You were bullying me
No, let's not pretend,
The practice of hazing
Never loses its appeal,
You have shown your true colors
And earned the brown seal.

You can call me a mercenary
Yep, I'm the hired gun,
Someone high above you
Decided to give it a run,
And new ideas can threaten
The current status quo,
I sense your hostility
But I'm bulletproof, bro.

"Why didn't you do this?"
Well, babe, you didn't ask,
We mercenary types
Love to be given a task,
I'll show you my skills
You'll see nothing was missed,
But if I show initiative
You'll probably be pissed........
You're the type that would complain
"I never told you to do that"
You can't have it both ways
Now you wear the brown hat.

Each time that I work with you
I will practice my best,
And I will remember
That you failed the first test.

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