Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Budget Poison

Sprayed with Mace

To clarify
My biggest reasons,
Why I left
The largest treasons,
The short shrift shift
The demand and the stress,
And the daily reminders
Of the budget mess.

They should know better,
What's more important?
Than a happy client letter,
'Tis the morale of their staff
How they feel treated,
If you don't honor them
They will feel cheated.

And rightly so
Because employees do the work,
Better than a teenager
Fountain soda clerk,
But if you treat them the same
And toss them off the ship,
They will leave you in droves
My advice: Take this tip.

Four and half years
I heard about billing hours,
It was never my responsibility
To schedule or pick the flowers,
That would grace tomorrow's table
It is the nature of our biz,
Not to know, if the next day workload
Would be colossal or just a whizz.

Don't take it out on the employees
Just stop buying stupid shit,
Two-thousand dollar, lock-wires
That's the least of it,
When you could have gone to Home Depot
Bought zipties; cost a buck,
Your fancy wire holders
Surely, they will suck.

Every week I heard about
Billing hours are too short,
Close to 700 days
I am sorry to report,
The duration of my employment
Four years, it's too bad,
I did the work of many
A virtual Galahad.

The Holy Grail is missing
At Sister Euphemia's place,
When they talk about the budget
'Twas like spraying us with mace.

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