Sunday, January 17, 2016

Excessive Ambition

This one isn't about me, although it initially looks that way. No, it reviews the actions of a physician, who clearly made the wrong decision; he chose to operate on stable patients, instead of dealing immediately with a life-threatening emergency. Maybe he figured, that merely through his psychic sense of medical mastery, he could delay, and everything would be alright. And in fact, the patient did not crump. However, the choice to postpone placement of a Pacemaker, did force an overnight wait, with just a temporary fix.

The boss won't believe it
But I'm not lying,
We worked overtime
To keep people from dying.

Joe Bob Billy
In 3rd degree,
The family is anxious
Their asking me,
Why have we waited
Eight hours in this booth,
I think I know the answer
But I can't tell the truth.

Doctor E.P.
Is shuffling the deck,
Ignoring your emergency
Thinking, oh, what the heck,
You're talking, and stable
And he's in control,
Everything will be fine
When it's time to rock and roll.

Later on, at 1030
He calls Surgery, for a room,
Saying, "This is an emergency!"
"Complete heart block, spells doom",
But Surgery can't accommodate
His late night demands,
The blame for the delay
Is all in his hands.

Now, it's time for lame excuses
"I'll place a temporary pacer",
And tomorrow, my partner
Can be the blackboard eraser,
Removing my mistakes
My errors of omission,
But the fly on the wall knows
'Twas excessive ambition.

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