Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Episodic Affliction

Another round of stress related AFib at work; it only took 30 minutes of morning chaos to set it off.

Stress at work
Caused my A. Fib,
A chaotic pounding
Beneath my rib,
It doesn't feel good
I attest,
The best thing to do?
Go home and rest.

The event this time
I suspect the cause,
Yesterday was chaos
High demand, no pause,
Now the same today
After a 10 hour rest,
Too much work stress
I failed the test.

At least 33 patients
On the morning list,
No extra Nurse
I'm already pissed,
Taking 3 reports
One after another,
And then, two more
I ran to Mother.

I said, I can't handle
The get-ready guy,
I don't have enough arms
I can run, but not fly,
So, find a solution
We need help in our crib,
Then, while taking report
I went into A. Fib.

Having done this before
Just one month prior,
I needed an instant
One day retire,
To put an end
To my episodic affliction,
Despite knowing my departure
Would cause some friction.

One hour following
Rhythm converted
To the Sinus zone,
It always performs
As advertised,
Though it needs 4 hours
To be formalized.

Doctor E.P.
Had his say,
Strongly advising
Ablation today,
But I'm not convinced
Regarding that narration,
I work in the field
And see every complication.

That E.P. dude
Offered a free ablation,
But I responded
"I just need a vacation",
He turned away
And shed a tear,
Because "No" is an answer
He hates to hear.

Well, that's my story
Related once again,
A paroxysmal episode
Just happens now and then,
And when I finally choose
The invasive endeavor,
I'll find an expert doctor
With a lightning laser lever.

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