Monday, January 25, 2016

Death at Work

How many nurses actually die at work? I have no idea, but know it does happen. Certainly, our job contains inherent immediate danger to many of us, but what about your sudden demise in the workplace. Domestic violence is becoming a big risk I think, but in general I am pondering the health-death scenario.

Work could kill me
Just like Billy Bob,
Dying at work
Just doing his job,
He was the greatest
That's what we all say,
The best of the best of the best
Any day.

Now he's gone
And what about prevention,
Was there a prodrome
Vying for attention?
Signs and symptoms
Calling him out,
Or was the killer silent
Until his dying shout.

Tho, I don't think he shouted
He just dropped, kerplunk,
They think his aorta
Ripped inside the trunk,
An unknown condition
The dude was healthy as a horse,
The doctor's wonder, Marfan's?
He was long and tall, of course.

Could that happen to us, we wonder
Kick the frame, while on the job?
Where decay and inflammation
Reduced you to a simmering blob,
Returning to the protoplasmic
Origins of life,
Make sure ya have a good insurance
To cover the kids and wife.

Too late now, we miss him
He was a great nurse, that's for sure,
Now, he's floated off to heaven
For a thousand maidens, pure.

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