Wednesday, December 02, 2015

We're No Different

As Nurses, we're no different than our patients; we too have physical diseases and infirmities. Jackson Hole has a pacemaker, I have an arrhythmia now and then,
Stephan has Diabetes, and Vanessa turns her head Left, and has vertigo. I think that when we share these kind of things with our clients, and describe how we cope, it can help allay anxiety and worry. But in the meantime, we have to watch our coworkers carefully, too.

Vere to Go?

When she stands upright
And turns her head Left,
There's a nerve getting pinched
In the Subclavian cleft,
Sends a signal to her brain
Relax........everything's cool,
Her brain spins counter-clockwise
Like a whirling-dervish fool.

Weak at the knees
She might fall down,
Her GPS isn't working
In topsy-turvy town,
Bystanders gape
And start placing bets,
Will she pass out this time
Or just have the sweats?

Vere to go next?
Her doctors are confused,
Vertigo Vanessa
Is feeling abused,
She visits 4 doctors
Has CATscans and more,
No answers are found yet
It's a bothersome chore.

Spectators applaud
Vanessa remained standing,
Feeling somewhat better
Without a hard landing,
Stop turning your head
Is the general consensus,
Cuz whenever you do that
We get apprehensus.

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