Sunday, December 27, 2015

Survival Decision

Obesity is an all gender issue. Luckily I don't suffer from it, nor do I know all of the causes, influences, treatments, solutions and so on. I just write about it as it affects my Nursing experience. This time I chose "he" instead of "her" to show my sensitive nature.

Survival Decision

At 5 foot 3
Three hundred seventy nine,
Even a hundred pound weight loss
Would be, right and fine,
But no, just the opposite
Since his previous visit,
He had gained another hundred
And wonders, why is it?
That he suffers hypertension
And diastolic dysfunction,
At 48 year old
He is at a crucial junction.

Moaning and groaning
And thick as a brick,
His weight is a death sentence
He needs to fix it right quick,
Because his lack of good health
Is a result of the weight,
Multi-organ dysfunction
Would like to schedule a date.

No diabetes
And no heart disease,
Pulmonary hypertension
Could kill him with a sneeze,
The cure is diet and exercise
And a stomach revision,
Survival is an option
But awaits his decision.



Old Fool said...

Surgery can be a nightmare with obese patients. I once worked with a surgeon that summed up the challenges saying, "operating on obese people is like attempting to change the spark plugs on your car by standing at the top of a step ladder and using a 6 foot extension on your socket wrench." I always thought how true as I handed him ultra long handled needle drivers as he labored in that deep wound.

Fibril_late said...

And I too, recall a number of times that I was up to my elbows, packing a wound on a belly or a butt........