Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Spinning Jenny

Dizzyness, vertigo, room spinning, eyes twitching..........all of that stuff is miserable. Would a person be willing to endure that for 5 hours, just to convert their Atrial Fib to a normal rhythm (instead of opting for an electrical cardioversion)? Let's find out:

A 1200 milligram overdose
Completely unintentional
Because I'm not one of those,
Miserable creatures
Who want to pull out the plug,
No, my doctor put me up to it
A double dose of the drug.

Pill in the pocket
Is a go-to solution,
Rythmol or Flecainide
When you need absolution,
From that demon condition
Known as A. Fib,
A runaway heart
Beating ad-lib.

The usual dose?
A six hundred popper,
Plus twenty-five of Lopressor
That combo is a stopper,
It always worked before
17 times at least,
Why not today?
I don't know, ask the beast.

Four hours later
The word from Dr. C.
Take a double dose
Was his advice for me,
I was willing to try
After all, he's the boss,
But now I am overdosed
I feel like bearded moss.

OK, I admit
The A. Fib did stop,
But I got so dizzy
My brain took a flop,
And this happened at work
Late afternoon,
A worthless worker on the job
In the corner, in a swoon.

A cautionary tale
If there ever was one,
A colossal dose of Rythmol
It sure isn't fun,
But I'll double down
On my brother's flying jib,
An overdose of Rythmol
Is way better than A. Fib.

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