Thursday, November 19, 2015

Listening Lunacy

I can't help it, I act a little crazy when I hear certain dialogues or manners of speech, that just don't make sense. Like those scripted things we are urged to say to patients and their families. "Would you like Fries with your Heart Cath, sir? Or that stupidest of concepts called "Active Listening". Anyway, I was at a class a couple weeks ago, and the Instructor ended almost every single teaching sentence with the adjoiner; "Does that make sense?" Holy frickin grammar monster! That lingo makes me want to run out of the room screaming..............ieqiestiaeint. Something unintelible like that anyway. So, once again, I have to address the issue in my own way.

She said it 29 times
Does that make sense?
I think she owes me recompense,
For ending each sentence
With that stupid refrain,
Does that make sense?
Is a toxin to my brain.

She said it 29 times
That doesn't make sense,
If I poison her tea
I have a good defense,
Because her repetitive uttering
That sentence ending query,
Does that make sense?
Not in Londonderry.

They might lock me up
And throw away the key,
It doesn't really matter
Or even bother me,
If I should never hear again
Does that make sense?
I'll be a happy man
Behind a prison fence.

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