Thursday, September 03, 2015

Shipping Out

Some say that injuries happen when we are fatigued, or just burned out; ther e is some truth in that, but in general (majority) it just isn't so. Our patient's are just too flippin' large and combative. That's it................simple.

They will wonder why I burned
When I never complained,
It's a result of my philosophy
As a High Duke from Spain,
I work for my subjects
I won't quit, if they suffer,
Hence, I never do argue
As a servant, I am tougher;

Than the ones that I work with
Because my philosphy rules,
I'm a servant to my constituents
Their demands, are my tools,
To apply my special talents
And satisfy their needs.
Get them home safely
And nobody bleeds.

The house is on fire?
I run into the middle,
The Demon is smoking
And playing his fiddle,
But I know the melody
Though I didn't write the song,
The demon is a wimp
Soon to be running along.

Frankly, I'm just a member
Of one awesome team,
We understand the wind
And the flow of the stream,
We might not be the Captains
But only in name,
Without us, this ship
Would have no claim to fame.


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