Wednesday, September 02, 2015


I respect prayer
But I want it to be silent,
You may not like my prayer
And you become violent...............

Look, I was brought up in a Catholic family and my Auntie was a real Nun (and 2 of her cousins, also). And when it was time to perform real, focused and God directed prayers, they was done silently. So, that's why I'm so secretive.

I moved passed religion
I said every prayer,
I know about Gods
But I don't really care,
Because I did arrive here
In the usual way,
My parents got together
Back in their day.

I practiced their training
As much as I could,
Tried to make the best decisions
Just like they said I should,
And whether some god
Had a hand in it, who knows?
The world will keep turning
Because that's the way it goes.

A lot of "God, bless you's"
Are heard where I work,
We were once a Nun hospital
So, perhaps that's a perk,
But I never say it
I don't want to offend,
I might choose the wrong God
And the blessings might end.

Or maybe the client
Thinks the way that I do,
And along comes Brother Jo
Saying, Bless, Betty Boo,
Perhaps Betty is offended
Or embarrassed, to boot,
She has an allergic reaction
To this religious recruit.

I think we need to be careful
Regarding this issue,
Stop throwing prayers
When they reach for a tissue,
Pause for a moment
And ask for permission,
Perhaps a better idea?
Let's call a magician.


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