Wednesday, September 02, 2015

One Punch

For the most part, we don't have much trouble with out-of-control patients. It's not like we call a "Code Gray" for help, when a patient who had General Anesthesia has an adverse reaction, and struggles as he wakes up. However, one can not minimize the inherent danger to the Nurse or Doctor at the bedside. If the patient is a colossus that is six foot nine tall and weighs 410 pounds, believe me, this guy could kill with one punch. Comforting, isn't it?

Mo, didn't wake up well
After anesthesia,
I hope he didn't give me
Because my back hurts
Below my Lumbar,
Bothersome discomfort
Down my legs too far.

He was flailing and thrashing
Weighing two twenty two,
Both groins were bleeding
And what must I do,
To protect him for safety
After all, that's my job,
Let the dude bleed out?
Not this Billy-Bob.

The nurse is the one
Who walks away lamed,
Was I too aggressive?
If so, I'll be blamed,
But we had to protect him
With each wild gyration,
I could be sued
For exsanguination.

Pain down my legs
Paresthesia to my shins,
Let me explain
Numbness, needles and pins,
An unexplained coolness
And episodes of weakness,
I ain't horsing around...........
I'm not ready for the Preakness.

I'm off tomorrow
But, I'm calling this in,
Fill out the paperwork
For the Workmans Comp sin,
An Employee Health visit
And a scowling Manager,
They'll be talking and twittering
Like bright feathered Tanagers.

It was bound to happen
With the patient's we see,
Last week was a record
Four hundred and three
Pounds that is, at 6 foot nine,
He fought us, too
Now, isn't that fine?

Two good Nurses
Could have died,
One punch from that one
I would have flied,
Across the room
And out the door,
And the boss might comment -
Your hours don't score

Well, how about that?
Concerned, not a chance,
We're not doing enough
Billing hours, rule the dance,
And the party may be over
For this dedicated Nurse,
He worked as hard as the best
And for that, he was cursed.


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Old Fool said...

I can really identify with this. For the gory details please see my post "knock out punch." All I got out of it for all my pain and suffering was a whacky letter!