Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Praying for Rain

This post is a follow-up to the one below. More junk going on................

Just one week later
Complications were worse,
A string of bad luck
In search of a curse,
An Aortic dissection
From the arch to the Iliac,
Thank goodness Mr. patient
Was not a hemophiliac.

Experts were consulted
Group worry was evidenced,
Just watching and waiting
Good advice, was dispensed,
Keep the blood pressure down
Diminish Aortic stress,
Then evaluate the cause
Who to blame for this mess.

The Doctor who did it?
Oh ya, he just left town,
At the end of the procedure
After he took off his gown,
Though he stopped by the room
To mumble his regrets,
Stating, an on-call physician
Will cover his bets.

I worried and fussed
Six hours of inspection,
Five sheaths to remove
During crisis detection,
Monitor vital signs
Assess pulses and pain,
Waiting for decisions
Like praying for rain.

To the Cardiac Unit
At seven pm,
I could finally relax
Now, it's up to them,
The Critical Intensivists
Will manage him there;
My tour of duty
Was a journey of care.


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