Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gut Feeling

Sorry, but I'm sorta stuck on this topic.

Gut Feeling

Gurgle Gut
Is such a bother,
I told my Mother
And my Father,
He whispered something
About stinky gas,
Mother said
Don't let it pass,
In the company
Of Nuns and Priests,
Unless they're sipping
Hops and yeasts.

Gurgle gut?
I received a call,
Number one daughter
Sometime last Fall,
Regaled me with
Her story, true,
Thank god it wasn't
Tic delarue,
But alas, 'twas something
Just as awful,
From the sugar syrup
On her waffle,
Tainted water
In the city Tangier,
A water born illness
No fun, poor dear.

I offered her solace
For her pain,
We discussed the tragic
Intestinal drain,
That can occur
When least desired,
Plus,  tips and tricks
When the gas has fired.

Not easy dealing
With this issue,
We should have invested
In toilet tissue,
Northern, Charmin
Or Kirklands best,
One million wipes
We've put to test.

Good healing salves
Are hard to find,
Herbal Savvy
The Comfrey kind,
Burts Bees foot creme
Protects and soothes,
Especialy in the
Hidden grooves.

What to do?
We continue to live,
Hoping that
Our friends forgive,
An occasional blast
Of  toxic gas,
Bursting from
Our sorry ass.

Gurgle gut
Is a major bummer,
It can put a crimp
On a fun-filled summer,
Carry extra undies
And soothing wipes,
If you accidently
Blow your pipes.

Have yet to address,
The Gurgle gut mess,
They hide the details
In mumbo jumbo,
Regarding the dangers
Of Jalapeno gumbo.

A gurgling industry
Is just developing,
Soon to be
Completely enveloping,
An I-P-O
With investor options,
Rescue centers
For intestine adoptions.

Burnt sienna
Wristbands and hats,
Promotional bling
Baseballs and bats,
To gain support
And public attention,
To promote awareness
Regarding poo retention.

We gurgle guts
Are never full of shit,
That's the least
And most of it,
No, commonly
We go each day,
Three or four times
In a moderate way.

Three times a day
Is, way better,
Than once in 3 days
By the letter,
I'd rather not have,
Although diarrhea
Requires more salve.

All in all
It's a disturbing condition,
And I've spent too much time
On this rendition,
But I just had to
Get it out,
Gurgle Gut
Deserves a shout.


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clairesmum said...

too funny! wish I had written this!