Saturday, August 08, 2015

Gurgling Gut

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, affects millions of people in the world. There are treatments and therapies, and causes and theories.............and bloating, cramping, Borborigmi and rumbling, and a great deal of unpredictable inconvenience for those suffering this crappy condition.

Here is Billy Bob's story:

BB's Thing

With gas and gurgle
In his gut,
Toxic fumes
Escaped his butt,
Don't stand behind him
Momma said,
That's BB's thing
He'll kill you dead.

Billy Bob will
Tell you why,
Moroccan muesli
And Danish rye,
Didn't cause it
No, dear daughter,
The problem was
I drank the water.

A grave mistake
But I was parched,
That mountain climb
We over marched,
And laughed about it
At the Inn,
I drank the water
That's my sin.

Now, seven years later
His gut rebels,
Good lord, Hells bells,
When least expected
Like a cry of the loon,
That Moroccan beast
Nearly makes him swoon.

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