Thursday, August 20, 2015


After a 20 month rest, a return for another Cardioversion (#15); is that a record? Who knows........but we have a handle on that.

Back on Your Feet

It's two thousand fifteen
And Jake never quits,
He swears that A. Fib
Is way better than Zits,
"I get much better meds
When treatment is required,
I won't feel a damn thing
That's what I call, inspired".

A twenty month sojourn
Since his last visit here,
Not a whiff of arrhythmia
Till that one, ice-cold beer,
Sent his heart stuttering
On that hot stinkin' day,
And in the realm of A. Fib
To play, you must pay.

For rejuvenation
And dynamic publicity,
Spend an hour with us
We'll turn you on to electricity,
Delivered with gusto
With the milk of amnesia,
You'll be dreaming of angels
In French Polynesia.

For sure, your arrhythmia
Is a bother, at best,
A few trips to the E-R
For an EKG test,
Until finally you tasted
The fruits from our vines,
Electricity and Propofol
Are the best of all wines.

An Ablation or two
You can try, what the hay,
Sometimes it works
Just one time, one day,
But you are the winner
At cardioversion, fifteen,
We love you, dear Jake
If  you know what I mean.

You're a part of our family
We will never give up,
When you're feeling irregular
Please come, fill your cup,
On our high-octane juice
You'll feel better, right quick,
Give your A.Fib a taste
Of our pit-viper stick.

Today you presented
With a different thing,
Atrial Tachycardia
Fit for a King,
Easier to manage
With a miniscule zap,
Just 20 little joules
Like a mosquito tap.

But still, you did ask for
A shot of amnesia,
We give it freely
Whatever will please ya,
Because you are like family
We want you back on your feet,
For a good round of golf
Down at St. Pete's.


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