Wednesday, July 22, 2015


It is well known that Catheter based procedures place the patient at a risk for bleeding, probably in the range of 3-7%. So of course, we the practitioners, do our darndest to minimize this. However, there are just too many variables that we can't control. And despite 37 years in health-care, I still get nervous and worried when patient's are bleeding.


I haven't written
In the absence of stress,
Then along came today
And Lordy, what a mess,
A complicated ablation
Her A-C-T too high,
Oozing and bleeding
I worry and sigh.

When the Doctors inform
Their delivery is brisk,
A 3 hour procedure
With a low percentage risk,
Go home the same day?
"No problem", he replied,
Leaving out the part
"Except, if you died".