Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Dental Dana 37

Last week I was in the Dentist Office, on a Tuesday; not my usual day, and there she was, the living embodiment of Dental Delight......................Dental Dana. No, she was not my Hygienist, and in truth, our days of mutual involvement, go back about 2 years now. But heck of it all, it still plays out to be a good, dang story.

Dental Dana 37

Dental Dana
She's a wonder,
I'm trying to avoid
My usual blunder,
Where I approach
And act too frisky,
With Dental Dana
That is risky.

I can't hold back
Because she's the one,
She makes every appointment
Kind of fun,
Easy on the eyes
And always cheerier,
With a soft exterior.

But when she opens
Her chest of tools,
She makes it clear
She won't suffer fools,
I'll go to Hell
Without stopping in Limbo,
If I should treat her
Like a bimbo.

Yes, Dental Dana
Rules the roost,
Will garner a boost,
Out the door
And into the street,
She'll wave goodbye
And smile so sweet.


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