Thursday, May 07, 2015

Dental Dana 38

Trying to repair a tenuous relationship with a Dental Hygienist, has some risk. Perhaps I should review our historical reference...................or not?

Dental Dana
What's her gauge,
Measurements, diameter
I don't know her age,
I seek any advantage
To be leveraged
Towards my cause,
'Cuz I'm a serial offender
I've broken so many laws.

First, there was the time
When I said, she didn't do me,
That was so incredibly offensive
I thought she would glue me,
With my jaws tight shut
Not to eat for forty days,
And use that blue-light igniter
Set on maximum phase.

After that, I posed
That she was the bomb,
Better looking even
Than my Mom,
She said that was rude
And tasteless, to boot,
So she lanced me
Without Lidocaine,
To the nadir
Of a root.

If that wasn't enough
I mentioned the word Goddess,
How can I help it
If it rhymes the word bodice,
Referring to clothing
Low-cut, across the chest,
Heck, I'm just a writer
And she's truly blessed.

And that's the crux of the matter
In a visual context,
My thoughts in a streak
Imagining what might come next,
If reality was plastic
To be shaped in a second,
The pillows would be fluffed
And Dental Dana has beckoned.

Oh, I'm such a dreamer
An old man with 'osterone,
Still grappling with slow mail
And she's on a smartphone,
Light-years ahead of me
Planning her next move,
Where she Lasers my frenulum
While shaking out her groove.

Dental Dana is beyond
Any realm of common existence,
Thus proving, in practice
There is no point in resistance,
Just do what she says
In the context of your appointment,
Believe me, do avoid
An opportunity for annointment.

Dental Dana
She's the best
And that's my conviction,
Never mind
All her weapons
You must seek benediction,
Placate her, I urge
Or you will pay the price,
Jaws without teeth
While you're sucking on ice.


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