Thursday, April 02, 2015

Once is enough

The story is true, the secret is secure.

Jerry Rigged

Something happened yesterday
Never seen before,
Old man farmer
Took care of a chore,
He was out of bed unclothed
IV stretched and taut,
He seemed a little confused
At least, that's what I thought.

He proved me wrong
What an entrepreneur,
He showed me his solution
For human manure,
A sudden urge, it was
He needed to take a dump,
First he peed in the urinal
And then he added a lump.

He was careful not to spill
And his aim was pretty good,
Holding the urinal to his butt
The lump went where it should,
Not a drop on the floor
I commended him for that,
Giving him some hand-wipes
'Twas a feather in his hat.

The urinal was hanging
On the bedrail with care,
We both took a look at it
And sensibly, left it there,
Then I told him to get dressed
And gave the usual teaching,
The do this and don't do that
Our standard Cardiac preaching.

When the family arrived
He was dressed and looked super,
No mention was made
Of the jerry rigged pooper,
We shook hands and both stated
Let's not do this again,
Despite all the fun
After all, we are men.

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