Thursday, February 19, 2015

Repeated, again

With Cardiac Arrhythmia's, an individual might have to return for repeat procedures; such as Cardioversion, Ablation, Pacemaker fiddling, Angiograms and so on. It's just the nature of the beast.

Mr. McGinnis
Came back to our store,
He had a prior Ablation
And now he wants more,
Oh, let's do-do it again
He said with a stutter,
But this time I've come
With Atrial Flutter.

Mr. McGinnis
Is a likeable chap,
Friendly, yet stoic
He wears a jaunty cap,
Adventurous, he is
Regarding recreation,
He says, "I've had a month of rest"
Let's do another ablation.

Dr. Oneill
Reviews all the options,
Clarifying clearly
He doesn't do adoptions,
Nor suffer fools gladly
Seeking medical attentions,
"But, if the proof is in the pudding
I will apply my interventions".

Dr. Oneill, in his customary way
Articulates, with nary a stutter,
The EKG, clearly shows evidence
Of Cavo-tricuspid A-Flutter,
Quite simple to fix, in my estimation
Drop in for a day, get it done,
Mr. McGinnis, heartily replies
"Thanks Doc, I'm sure we'll have fun".


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OldfoolRN said...

I just love this little gem. My blog is getting old and stuffy and even starting to smell of mothballs. I wish you could come up with something about old OR RN's, or more accurately OWRN's (old wrinkled up RN's) to jazz up my ancient blog.