Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Assuming the Reigns

Choosing to be a Nurse Manager..........well, I gotta hand it to you. It sounds like a living nightmare; until you go home, and have PTSD nightmares, of what didn't go well that day at work. It's a huge amount of responsibility  (to do it right). Good Luck!

Manager, or
Man ager,
You might feel older
I would wager,
Assuming the reins
Of that wild horse,
Perhaps, you're the one
Who can right the course.

Historical guidance
From a veteran, needed,
Has been impeded,
I was there and I saw it
And it wasn't good,
Perhaps you can fix it;
Our old neighborhood.

Focus your powers
And rally the troops,
Watch out for landmines
And the loopety-loops,
Who lurk in the closets
And whisper sedition,
Clean house if you must
To establish your edition.

Make fair new rules
And stick to your guns,
Establish strong protocols
For your daughters and sons,
The family you inherited
By your audacious deed,
Discover your mentors
To guide you, to Lead.


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