Saturday, January 31, 2015

Caring Time

Today, we had a boatload of patients, procedures and recoveries. We were super busy, procedures were delayed, it was hard to find beds and we "closers" worked 14 hours total. What made it a good day, was how many good visitors we had, paying attention to their friends and loved ones. Thanks, all.

Families and friends
Who hang out for the waiting,
Are the best that can be
And I'm not overstating,
The appreciation we have
For their vigil with Bob,
Whether they are dressed to the nines
Or just a casual slob.

It's best if they talk
Ordinary conversation,
Perhaps share a tv program
Or a radio station,
I don't like it when visitors
Focus on their gadget-gear,
They might as well go to Starbucks
Because they're not really here.

Being a supportive family / friend
Showing care for Billy-Bob,
Is far more than any kind
Of lazy, boring job,
You are giving of yourself
Unselfish caring time,
Thank you, to everyone
You help everything rhyme.


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