Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bumped Off

A couple of times a year, I find myself bumping against things to the side of me, as if my radar is busted. It's as irritating as those days, when I have hiccups about 7 times.

It's the middle of my shift
Suddenly, pain in my thumb,
I can barely bend that sucker
I wonder, what's that from?
And then I remember
Bumping the metal door,
Also, caught a finger
Pushing the handle, man, my finger is sore,
And to top it all off
Smacked my other hand,
Against a non-moving bed
I assure you, none of this was planned.

I think my proprioceptors
Are not properly tuned,
If I start bumping my knees
I might be marooned,
Trapped in the hospital
Too lame to go home,
And we don't stock toothbrushes
Not even a comb.

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