Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Change is not Coming

Ever hear that old-timey platitude about change? One guy says, "Change comes from within". Another one says, "Become the change that you wish to see"......these are dudes who are not Nurses, working on the front lines of healthcare in the USA.............and you know what I'm talkin' about!

Fill out an A.D.O.
Oh, wouldn't that be grand,
If only I had the time
And maybe it was planned,
But when we are crushed
And fighting for our lives,
All we want is the end
And how soon it arrives.

Fill out an A.D.O.
It sounds great, when it's spoken,
And could it do any good?
Well, I think you're jokin',
Because this is a system wide
Decades long issue,
And Sister Euphemia
Just keeps handing out tissue.

Where can I find an A.D.O.?
It's on a shelf somewhere,
In the back of the break-room
Probably under a chair,
Will I fill it out?
There ain't a snowballs chance in Hell,
The facts will be ignored
Despite the stories we tell.

Because, this is more than local
It's health-care bureaucracy,
This is business, it's about money
A type of Theocracy,
With a God at the top
And she runs a tight ship,
Fill out an A.D.O.?
She'll give you a fat lip.

Fill out an A.D.O.
I can't hear you, La La La,
Union Reps claim they represent
And all that, sis-boom-bah,
No, I'd rather have the form
For an early retreat,
I need a mental health retirement
And everything sweet.


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