Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dramatic Duress

Do you ever work with the over dramatic player of work stress? Maybe it's you or Billy-Bob over there. Whatever, the at-work-temper-tantrum type, or the one who has to leave the Unit every hour for something (and claim it's always legitimate) a tough one to work with. They make a fuss about something, and baby, they are always very dramatic in the telling.

You know about PTSD
It's in our neighborhood,
Everyone in service to others
Would like to avoid it if they could,
But it comes with the service
And leaves us in pain,
PTSD grooves
Forever furrowed in our brain.

But, I'm all over that
I have my mind on another thing,
No one is talking about it
It's a little bit like a bee sting,
Once you have lived it
You won't forget,
You'll wish you avoided it
There's guaranteed regret.

Dramatic Duress syndrome
I see it every day,
Some persons that I work with
Really know how to play,
The Dramatic duress card
When they feel over-stressed,
They come to a standstill
They need a break, a snack, a rest.

It's a cross-gender malady
With an all-ages potential,
Some people never get it
It has a vague differential,
Men and women alike
The old and the young,
Exposed to Dramatic duress?
You'll feel like you've been stung.

Bystanders are disturbed
By the wailing and moaning,
Adult temper tantrums
Deserve immediate stoning,
Yet, the perpetrators prevail
Professionals, it's their right,
Practicing Dramatic duress
All day and all night.

Is there a cure for this?
Not that I've heard,
Birds of this feather
Will just give you GERD,
Try to ignore them
And turn a deaf ear,
Collective agreement says
"I wish they'd disappear!"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dramatic Distress

Dramatic distress
Some people display,
When they are trying
To have things their way

Dramatic impress
Is their method and plan,
Get everyone's attention
Like an earthquake in Japan.

Dramatic finesse
Self-trained, she's a master,
Oh, what would I give for
My Stokes-Adams blaster,
Holstered on my hip
For situations such as this,
A dramatic departure

With flame and a hiss.

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