Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dental Dana 36

"Inspired by the true-life story"....any movie labeled as such, I absolutely refuse to watch. I work in a hospital, and as such, I know all about true-life; it's a mess. So, why call a movie that ahead of time?........more than likely the thing will be a sloppy mess.

Anyway, this was inspired by the over-perfuming of detergents used for the cleansing of your clothes. Folks, you need to buy non-perfumed clothing soaps, because you're all off-gassing excessively to those persons who are odor-sensitive. Sometimes a group of family members show up to see Auntie Mame, and I can barely enter the room or cubicle, because your clothing perfume is nearly toxic to me. You think you're an ethnic minority?, but I'm the minority guy who is being assaulted.........just the same as if you were pointing a loaded weapon at me.

So, that got me thinking about Dental Dana and her dangerous, musky body about a weapon!

Dental Dana
Has a special odor,
And when she's near me
I get to, racing my motor,
Like being exposed to
A nitro-octane booster,
She's the finest of hens
And I am a rooster.

Mixing up metaphors?
I do admit,
But sweet Dental Dana
Is hotter than spit,
Which I have a mouthful of
Requiring high-powered suction,
She has warned me about that
And threatened destruction.

Dental Dana
Is a flower in the rough,
Adversity, she surmounts
It makes her so tough,
But her clients adore her
She's a hard-boiled dame,
Dental Dana, mouth-master
Is at the top of her game.


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