Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dental Dana 34

At the Dentist's office there is a Hygienist named Dana. She cleaned my teeth 2 years ago, but I haven't seen her in a long time, due to scheduling conflicts. But that doesn't stop me from writing about the fictitious DD, who is a bombshell, knockout hotty. I just can't stop thinking about that dame.

Dental Dana 35

Dental Dana
She knows a thing about jaws,
How to ratchet them open
To reveal all the flaws,
In your careful narrative
Regarding how you brush and floss,
Nothing, escapes her purview
She let's you know who's the Boss.

Dental Dana instructs
We commoners, should listen,
Be patient, she'll do her best
To make your enamel glisten,
She knows the best way to tell you
What you already should know,
Had you been paying attention
Instead of eating that jelly roll.

Dental Dana, I must admit
Looks so hot, I get distracted,
When I do that she raps my incisor
And says,"Whoops, I think it's impacted",
Thereby threatening to remove it
With a pair of rusty tweezers,
DD, I get the point!
Knowing, I better please her.

Dental Dana
Won't put up with too much,
Apparently, I didn't listen
I just wanted a touch,
Now I'm missing a tooth
Well she warned me, I guess,
It hurt for an hour
But now it's a caress;
Nothing she says
Will ever scare me away,
Dental Dana is so fine
And yes, I'm willing to pay.


Dental Dana 34

Dental Dana
I apologize,
The other Hygienists
Have gotten wise,
Regarding my silly
Behaviors, and such,
Now they are all jealous
That I like you so much.

I really can't help it
'Cause I'm in a trance,
Your coquettish demeanor
And pink Go-go pants,
Are more powerful than Novacaine
Dilaudid and Ver-sed,
Without our Dental dalliance?
I'd rather be dead.

Harsh reality, it is
I'm smitten beyond reason,
You can scrape or Taze my plaque
Any month, in any season,
Vacuum my tonsils
And floss with barbed wire,
Whatever you do, DD
I am filled with desire.

But, do watch your back
(As I watch your front),
Those other chicks in the office
Might be planning some stunt,
To vie for my attention
Because I only want you,
Jealousy, being what it is
They might think their time is due.

But I swear, I won't waver
Because you have no compare,
Dear Dana, your presence
Is like Nitrous infused air,
Making me tingle and numb
In a pleasant kind of way,
Can I have another appointment
Later in the day?


Dental Dana 33

Dental Dana
(I've decided to propose),
Although I'm worried
She'll punch me on the nose,
After all of the trouble
I've caused her at work,
She knows I do love her
And still, she calls me a jerk.

Dental Dana
I admire her courage,
Despite my frisky advances
She has been one to discourage,
Yet, every time she blocks me
I'm more determined than ever,
She's a treasure to me
And worth any endeavor.

Dental Dana said "No!"
When I advanced my proposal,
She chased me out of the office
While threatening disposal,
She said something like, "Never,
Don't ever say that again",
I think she really meant, Yes
But I'm left wondering, when?.

Oh, I can abide
By the rules she has written,
Because, “Dental Dana, Darling
I am hopelessly smitten”,
And gladly will submit to
Dental torture for a fee,
'Cause I'll never stop thinking
That she's the girl for me,


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