Sunday, September 14, 2014

Medical Assistants

Responding to a recent "letter to the Editor".........sort is my take on the necessity of Medical Assistants.

Medical Assistants

Medical Assistants
Without them, the system would come to a stop!
A necessary cog in the gears of countless Clinics
They are the lubricant
That runs a slick shop,
Vital signs and medical records
Everything operating smoothly or not,
Honor, your Medical Assistants
Or brother, your Clinical Practice is shot. 


East Coast steve
Is really right,
My creative words
Are missing their bite,
That's the word for me,
No excuses count
Stagnated, I be.

Ashlee, blog-comment
Helped show me second sight,
Of course, I had to respond
She put me in a favorable light,
So, Quid Pro Quo
And do unto others,
A Medical Assistant Hi-ho
As if written by their Mothers.


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