Monday, May 05, 2014

Dental Dana 25

Dental Dana
I kinda miss her,
Last week, I saw Billy Bob
Trying to kiss her,
My blood, it boiled
Steam blasted from my brain,
I plotted ways to maim him
But would it really ease my pain?

Oh, I'm a sorry sort
And I'm singing my blues,
Billy Bob is a rival
I wonder, who she will choose,
Will she gather her tools
And disengage from that buffoon,
How my teeth are aching
Just thinking about that goon.

Dental Dana
Must know I have a wife,
Probably why she snickers
When she's poised with her knife,
2 millimeters away
From Buccal Nerve seven,
One false move, I'm in Hell
While I'm dreaming about Heaven.

Dental Dana
She declared,
Leave me alone, boys
You ought to be scared,
Because you know my skills
And the tools in my collection,
No more hanky-panky
Or expect blunt dissection.


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