Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blind Date

Where I work, and the position I hold, looks pretty simple from afar. Out-patient clients for the most part without infections, or wounds or whatever. That oughta be nice. Get them ready for predictable procedures and then, watch them for 6 hours before they move on. But what if they are obese, with a mental disorder, and addicted to drugs of some sort.................Well, to quote Van Halen from "Runnin' With the Devil:, "I found the simple life, ain't so simple".

Blind Date

Two brutal work days
Staying too late,
Of questionable value
Like a cheap blind date,
Where you didn't choose your partner
And the venue was fixed,
What more?, a blinding headache
From what the Bartender mixed.

Whacky, drug-addled clients
On the roster, every day,
Demanding their hourly fix
Like I'm their dealer, but they don't pay,
Except with threats and anger
Towards me, their slave and nurse,
Please, don't tell me that I'm jaded
That I have no right to curse.

I'll give my best damned effort
That's what I'm paid to do,
But if you menace and assault me
It's coming back on you,
You tell me not to touch you
Ok fine, I'll just let you bleed,
Fall on the floor, crack your head
I guess there's nothing that you need.

Because, you threatened violence
Threw your arms up, swung your fist,
You're 340 frickin' pounds
A raging addict, and I'm lucky you missed,
You say you gotta stand up and pee?
Go for it Dude, maybe I'll see you fall,
And if you start bleeding, so what?
You told me not to touch you, that's all.

Two stupid days
Boss-woman, will query why I worked late,
Screw it, you can have my assignment
You've earned this sicko blind-date.


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