Monday, April 07, 2014

Mentoring is Guiding

Swim or Sink

New Nurses;
I want to inspire,
I want them like me
Willing to run towards a fire,
I want them to study
Their favorite interest,
More in depth
Than photo's on Pinterest.

New Nurses
You have to leap into the saddle,
If you seem uninterested
I'll hit you with a paddle,
Because if you claim you are learning
But you do stupid stuff,
There will come a time
When I've had enough.

Then I will ignore
I won't offer assist,
You can flounder your way
Into the fatal abyss,
If you ask for my help
I will do what is right,
But I won't hold your hand
Into the darkness of night.

New Nurses
Have to be motivated,
Intelligence and effort
Are not overrated,
A passion for learning
Is a professional demand,
If you don't acquire more knowledge
You'll be stuck where you stand.

Some older Nurses
Don't want to learn about new,
At my EKG class
I always meet one or two,
I'm shocked by their complacency
Their unwillingness to grow,
What kind of fool is that?
Not a colleague I want to know.

I like working with scholarly types
Others striving to be the best,
Persons not completely satisfied
Passing one simple test,
Because I meet folks like that
They took one class and quit,
Apparently, that's enough
If you just want to sit.

New Nurses
I encourage them to study,
I am happy to mentor
I'm a professional buddy,
But its a two way street
Payback, one might say,
You need to be a good student
And do things my way.

In time you will be comfortable
Self-assured with good skills,
Critical thinking
Beyond bed baths and pills,
But you have to keep learning
Today and beyond,
Don’t bother to do that
And you’ll drown in the pond.


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