Saturday, April 26, 2014

Battery Powers

I bring to work each day, the best of me. I have never let my off-duty life, dictate how I might perform at work. I bring 12 hours of Super-Power, High-octane, 110%+ each and every time........for 30+ years (and counting). I've gone to work with 2 hours sleep behind me........those I won't brag about, but I did it. But my awake time was full bore, Resource-go-to, kind of stuff. Some of us were cut out to do that; and I have pulled it off. How?...I never stop learning. I read about Cardiology and Critical Care Medicine every single week.

If you don't keep up; you don't!

Battery Powers

I need to remain
Less attached,
To the nuances and
Origins, of just who was snatched,
And to tend to my garden
The plants that I own,
And keep me away
From the gol-durned phone.

I need to ignore
That I know what is known,
All things that are needed
I don't have to own,
Yes, that is the secret
Of satisfaction and success,
But, too bad that isn't true
Without me, it's a mess.

Call me over-responsible
I expect what is best,
Every day is a challenge
A personal test,
Along side of me, I want
Persons doing that too,
At the end of the night
I wish it was you.

I'm not the best
But I try to be each day,
To perform at a level
Where our patient's might say,
They felt secure and well informed
And their Nurse, was so kind,
I strive to be like that
That is a rare Nurse to find.

I am tired, I admit
Near the end of 12 hours,
After working so hard
My battery powers,
Might dwindle and flicker
Like a flashlight, near its end,
Just shake me a few times
I might get a spark I can spend.


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