Saturday, February 15, 2014

Repair Shop

Yester-eve, we did manage to depart with 1.25 Hr overtime, but the truth is, nothing exciting or life-threatening occurred. The last patient shipped out at 2315, and then we were left with late, catch-up charting, office duties and some tidying up. It had been a very busy day, nonetheless. My partner and I were running on fumes at the end, getting goofy and finally stumbled out at 0015. Our Charge Nurse will ask us about that next week........that's a guarantee.

Nothing terribly exciting to report
It's life as usual
Down at the Suck and Snort,
The regulars remain
And entertain themselves,
Some have stayed so long
They belong on the shelves.

Imagine working
At only one job,
Frankly, I can't
I would feel like a blob,
Of secure confined knowledge
Sheltered in place,
Afraid to step outside of
My comfortable base.

We're a mixed up bunch
From all manner of beginnings,
Some days we're losing
And others we're winning,
In an unpredictable business
This repair shop for humanity,
Surely, you can understand why;
We're on the brink of insanity.

The owner is a typical
Miserly cheapskate,
Paying his workers
The lowest damn rate,
Cutting corners on service
Supplies and whatever,
All the while advertising
We are the best and most clever.

Yes, it was a standard good day
And now I'm kicking off my shoe,
The bartender has delivered
It's time to quaff a good brew.



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