Monday, February 17, 2014


For the oldtimers, we remember that going for ACLS certification, was a stressful event for many practitioners. Instructors used to run demanding mock-codes, where each person played a particular role (and do it right!) and heck, we even practiced endo-tracheal tube placement. I found it challenging and enjoyable, but a lot of people were having PTSD over the whole thing.

Not so anymore; it’s like Nursery school now. No muss, no fuss, no stress………...and half of the students (from all walks of health-care), are still freaked out about basic EKG rhythm. Essentially, most participants, want to be as far away from a Code Blue, as they can.

Are we any better off having namby-pamby ACLS? Are survival rates any better in-hospital? I think we’re doing better, only because Rapid-Response teams have been put in place. If we intervene early, we save people. But if Joe-Bob has a Cardiac or Respiratory arrest, in an abrupt or sneaky fashion, his chance of leaving the hospital alive, still remains iffy.


My capnography is rising
Yawn frequency accelerated,
The Instructor’s jokes are pretty lame
And frankly, outdated,
But I really can't complain
This class is always easy,
And a bit humorous to watch
How much the newbies are queasy.

I find it hard to understand
Their trepidation, regarding EKG,
After all, this is ACLS
Cardiac knowledge, so ABC,
But over the years
They've made it simple
Nervous anxiety, a thing of the past,
Silly me, I want a Nurse who knows
How to define rhythm's really fast.


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