Wednesday, January 08, 2014



Last week I had the pleasure of attending to a delightful gentleman who originally hailed from Ireland. Prior to the previous week, he had never been treated for any “chronic” health conditions, and he was 90 years old. He mentioned that four years back, he did have a hip replacement, that being the only time he had spent time in a hospital. Here was an active member of the community, truly full of life, a recent world traveler, and he didn’t even own a written prescription. Amazing!

Why the story? Because the nurse who called report from the outlying hospital, told me, “(this man) he is certainly in denial, regarding his health”. In regards to her assessment?; she was so far off base, she was out in the parking lot.

He's in denial
That's what she said,
Heck, he's 90 years old
And nowhere's near dead,
He doesn't see a doctor
And never takes medicine,
He's a genius of living
Like good Thomas Edison.

He lives alone
And has never been married,
He works for the church
His life is so varied,
He's in charge of three orphanages
In places far East,
90 years in the making
A heckuva priest.

He's an old time member
At the Ballybunion links,
Where the wind howls like banshees
And old friends raise their drinks,
For a returning old son
Whenever he comes home,
He's 90 years old
And still on the roam.

Is he in denial?
I think not, again,
Undeniably, Father
Is the healthiest of men.


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