Thursday, January 30, 2014

Monitor Mention

I'll be the first to admit that cruising the Internet can be very time-consuming, entertaining and primarily distracting. But come on folks, we shouldn't be doing it while we're supposed to be working. When you take your 15 or 30 minute break, go ahead, drop into cruise control; but when you clock back in for work duties, shut the damn thing off! It is an unsafe practice and unprofessional, with the public watching our every move.

Monitor Mention

I've tired myself
With all my observations,
I'm so far beyond
Any consternation,
Regarding the lack
Of professional attention,
But give me a moment?
There's one I'd like to mention.

The Monitor Techs
Of a certain age,
Keep their eyes on the screens
And look at strips on each page,
Comparing this morning
With later afternoon,
With precise,careful viewing
Like watching phases of the moon.

They studied Basic EKG
Intermediate, and more,
Ordered Cardiac Rhythms
From Dr. Marriott's store,
Attended rhythm symposia
Whenever they could,
If Zak Vera said, "read this"
They knew that they should.

But those days are disappearing
A Monitor Tech, is a U. A.,
How many textbooks do they own?
It is really hard to say,
But I suspect it isn't many
Afterall, they took that class,
And if you showed up for 3 days
You couldn't help but pass.

How many books about rhythms
Do I have at my house?
At least ten for me
And one or two for the mouse,
Along with the journals
The articles, and more,
The science keeps growing
Thus, more books at the store.

I am sorry to report
But around fifty percent,
Of Monitor Techs I view
May need to repent,
Regarding smartphone habits
Versus Monitor attention,
Yes, that was the thing
That I wanted to mention.


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