Thursday, January 09, 2014


The return of a “frequent flyer” is something most of us experience in the medical realm. The person who has a health issue that keeps recurring, despite multiple attempts to ameliorate it. This is the story of one gentleman, who suffers from persistent Atrial arrythmia’s. He has undergone several Ablation procedures, and multiple Cardioversions.

On the Green

It's hard to believe
But, he came back again,
Mr. Atrial Fib
For a visit to our pen,
He said that he missed us
Like toast is to butter,
While up on the monitor
I spotted A. Flutter.

He had a nine month reprieve
What mysterious trigger
Prompted this latest excursion?,
To visit our pad
Of electrical thrills,
Dr. Oneill must be wishing
For some magical pills.

Good for nine months
No Apixaban on board,
He needed an echo
To see if clots could be scored,
If clear, he would earn
An elecrical shock,
January seven?, already
He's punching our clock.

Atrial Flutter
Doesn't require much juice,
One little shock
To attain a testy truce,
Send him off on his way
To destinations, unknown,
Get on with your life
If you need us, just phone.

It was wonderful to see you
In two thousand fourteen,
But the next time we meet
Let it be on the green.


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