Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not a Proxy

I found this little gem a couple weeks ago, jogging my memory regarding an extremely long transport involving several lengthy boring tests…………..and how it can all change so abruptly.

Not a Proxy

MRI’s and CAT-scans
Six hours in Nuke-med,
You’re feeling completely abandoned
Half-bored, and out or your head,
When the patient goes berserk
Has a seizure, then Code-Blue,
With all your knowledge and experience
You’re in charge, it’s what you do;

Bring the crash-cart, place the backboard
Prep the paddles, charge and shock,
Check the credentials of the Doctor
Before you let him lead the flock,
Recite the most important details
Of the chart you memorized,
You’re a master Critical-Care Nurse
You never are surprised.

It’s what we do, whenever we must
Experience, brains and moxy,
Critical thinking personified
You’re the real thing, not a proxy.


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