Wednesday, October 30, 2013


High class, technical Cardiac Care is here and has become commonplace. So much so, that the public awareness of "easy and accessible", makes our hotsy-totsy procedures seem as simple as a short trip to the Nail Salon. When we inform people after their Cardiac Cath that they now have 6 hours of bedrest, some of them nearly flip out, and as the hours creep by, some of them do. They just don't understand the whole bleeding thing..........."like, how bad could it be, dude?" Since we are the major referral center for a territory reaching 100+ plus miles out, driving home at 2300, with the potential for bleeding, is not something to take lightly...............but many of them do.


Call me a Journalist
In truth, I'm a Historian,
I used to drive a Geo
But wished for a DeLorean,
So, fantasy plays a part
Between reality and desire,
I write this diary from experience
To educate and inspire.

Each line is a message
Defined by you, the reader,
In my kind of work
We must stop the bleeder,
Or we mess up the linen
So just imagine your car,
You say you need to drive to Redding
Good lord, that's too far.

We did an expensive procedure
But someone's covering the cost,
Your GPS doesn't work
And you might become lost,
You barely know the way home
But you have to drive there tonight?
How many brain cells do you have
Oh, I forgot, its Boxing night.

You pre-paid for the match
Mayweather, and Duran,
We forgot to include that
In your Ablation plan,
Because clearly we didn't calculate
Desire vs need,
And if you drive 200 miles
Well surely, you could bleed.

We may have saved your life
But you care most, about a fight?
Millionaire thugs on pay-per-view
Don't care if you bleed tonight,
To us, that seems so stupid
But you're the non-paying consumer,
Please don't bother to call us
When you get that brain tumor.


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