Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I saw a memo the other day addressed to nurse-management people. They were directed to show all the HCAHPS (hospital survey, patient perspective of care......http://www.cms.gov) reports, fliers, rah-rah posters and so on, in our break-rooms. This is the place where we are allowed to relax, kick back, raise a non-alcoholic brewsky, attend to our bodily functions, and so on. Why force us to read this gobbledygook? We’re the frickin’ people busting our butts, trying to do an impossibly great job, with too few resources. This is FUBAR! Show the stinkin’ results in the Lobby, if you must, so the consumer public can feel good about coming here.


If you trademark a name
Does it make the product any better?
For example, "Intelligent Surveys"
Examine each vowel and letter,
Are these the best-ever surveys
More intelligent than all the rest?
I pose this trademarking is a gimmick
No more and no less,

Saying, "We are intelligent"
Smacks of superiority attitudes,
HCAHPS, Unadjusted Avatars
And other gobbledygook platitudes,
Quite frankly, I'm not impressed
I don't need to incorporate it into my practice,
This is more corporate subterfuge
Their attempt to redact us.


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