Friday, February 15, 2013

Core Coercion

Core Measures and what they truly mean.

Core Coercion

Core-measures tracking
As it was explained, you will see,
Mr. Billy Bob goes home
Without some med-orders.....
So blame me;
The nurse that did his discharge
After only four hours of attention,
Regardless of his three day stay
Doctors write med-orders, did I mention?

At first I thought, it was the duty
For Doctors to handle this thing,
Or, maybe Case-Manager nurses
Like a score, that they love to sing,
No, it's a dumber-than-dirt doctrine
Appoint the job to the last guy in line,
Instead of the Doctor in charge of the care
Bureaucratic nonsense again, working just fine.

How easy our bosses point their fingers
"Don't you know this could affect our reimbursing?"
In an ominous tone, as if to scare me
"I'm not ready to be fired, are we rehearsing?"
"Oh, nothing like that Bo, you're a valuable asset
Just do as we say, it's all good"
Coercion and extortion, are heavy-handed concepts
But not unusual in this neighborhood.