Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mepilex Fail

In our facility, when a patient will head off to a procedure where they might be on their back and stationary for greater than three hours, we place a Mepilex pad on their coccyx, to ward off a pressure sore. They work fairly well, but 100% success is impossible. Of course, failure is not an option, and there is a nurse somewhere who will get the blame. Ain't it so?

Mepilex Fail

Mepilex fail
It was bound to happen,
And it doesn't help
When they're fart'n and crap'n,
Plus, never forget
That the onus of blame,
Will fall upon the nurse
In the pressure-sore game.

Mepilex fail
Can you believe it?
If the pressure is too much
Mepilex can't relieve it,
Some folks are too bony
And built like a twig,
Or the opposite problem
And they're just too damn big.

You didn't turn him enough
You didn't pad his bony knees,
You didn't check after he farted
With every cough and sneeze,
And did you lift the Mepilex
With a witness every shift?,
Two nurses have to look
They don't trust us; get my drift?

Another year from now
Three nurses are required,
To prove a fact is factual
Another witness, or you're fired,
Don't doubt me on this matter
I've been in healthcare, long enough,
It's a wonder I'm still breathing
After choking on this stuff.

Mepilex fail
We are hardly the cause,
But don't doubt for a minute
That some contractual clause,
Will be presented to we nurses
At the next bargaining session,
Another Management move
Towards nursing oppression.


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