Wednesday, January 16, 2013


At work, we are undergoing another Infusion Pump swap. The pumps that were acquired about four years ago (another vendor), turned out to be finicky chumps. And as always, new products demand user education. Nowadays, educators for nurses, are typically a nurse pulling an extra gig, in addition to their job back home. This can be kind of fun; a change of pace, a broadening of one's resume, and so on. However, I suspect that the majority of these trainers do not undergo any (or little) professional-speaking training, to prepare themselves for this "Clinical Educator" excursion.

So, once again, I was forced to become a victim of another, grammatical-phraseology crime.

DTMS*                       * [Does That Make Sense]

Professionals at a class
Do not need to hear,
Repeating over and over
Stupid phrases, to the ear,
"Does that make sense?"
Each sentence-ending posit,
Forty-seven repetitions
Before I threw him in the closet.

Plus, he had some mannerisms
Likely, patterned from his work,
He said, "I'm a NICU nurse
(A tiny-baby clerk),
He'd say, "Never, never, do this
Because, it's bad, bad, bad,
As if speaking to his child
This moronic, half-wit Dad.

Product educators, please take note
Do train, for professional speaking,
Repeating the same thing time and again
Sounds like a rocking chair squeaking,
"Does that make sense?"; repeated over and over
At the end of each sentence, yes, forty-seven times,
Reveal you're a victim of popular culture
And just another perpetrator of grammatical crimes.


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