Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't Call Me Jacqui

Just a little silliness................but, I'm thinking even you have had a patient that was just a little attractive......isn't that so?

Don't Call Me Jacqui

In the 11th hour
On the eve of the 11th day,
We still had too many patients
And that means double-time pay;

A woman admiring her Pacer incision
A guy, preparing for home,
One fellow waiting for heart-cath
And Betty with mirror and comb.

"It's important to always look good", she said
After lying all day on this frickin' hard bed,
I hope my arthritic knees and titanium hip
Don't lock up when I stand, and cause me to slip;

That would delay my departure, my driver would hiss
He's a snake of a man, but he has a good kiss,
So, please let me up, and sooner if you can
I like you as a Nurse, and hope you're a good man".

I did all that I could, to please that fine lady
I escorted her to the Ladies room, despite Sinus Brady,
And when we were finished, her heartbeat was tachy
She said, "Thank you young man, just stop calling my Jacqui".


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